On Camera



Pressure to Perform

“Feel the breeze!” the shortstop shouted at me. Much as I wanted to hit her at that moment–she wasn’t wrong. I didn’t even come close to connecting with the pitch. But if I

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TV News Interviews

It was my third flight of the day. I was on my way to interview at a top 30 station, which was no small feat, given that I was currently a weekend

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Learn From Your Mistakes

I had been on the air in Abilene, Texas for about three months when I went live from a Friday Night football rally. A band was playing and they marched right behind

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Curveballs & Confidence

Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees said something during a 60 Minutes interview that resonated and stayed with me. He said if you want to be a successful shortstop, you have

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Presenting at the Golden Globes

Everyone who has trouble presenting in front of a large audience can take comfort from the presenters at the Golden Globes. These are ACTORS and ACTRESSES–who make their living from performing–and yet

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When Losing is Winning

21 year-old golfer, Rory McIlroy, started imploding on the tenth hole of the final round of The Masters on Sunday. It was tough to watch his game and his confidence disintegrate over

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Why People Need Media Training

A large part of what I do is critique people’s performances– either on-camera, in-person or online. My twitter friend, @paisano, knows this and often asks for a media interview critique of people’s

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