Confidence is the Greatest Accessory

I was waiting for the train to Florence to arrive when I noticed a man across the tracks.

Yes, ladies–he was good looking. But that’s not why I noticed him. (Throw a rock and you’ll hit a good looking man in Italy.) I noticed him because of what he was wearing. He had on expensively cut orange trousers, a wine colored cashmere sweater, a camel cashmere scarf and a bright navy blue beret. The combination should have been all kinds of wrong on the middle aged man. But on him it was all kinds of right. The reason? He wore his ensemble with great confidence.

This man is an excellent example of what I preach to people that I coach. When you’re presenting and giving on-camera interviews, it’s good to be memorable. It’s great to be unique. And most of all– it’s important to be confident. It’s easily the most important accessory you can wear.

If that man wasn’t confident in himself, I might have asked him how long the circus was going to be in town. (OK, I wouldn’t have been that rude.) Instead, I admired his flair for the dramatic. And not only did the memory of his je ne sais quoi stay with me some two weeks later– I am writing about him in my blog.

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