Presentation Skills



Speaking Tips: Panel Discussions

I interviewed thousands of people during my 12-year career in television news. Because of that experience, I am often asked to moderate panel discussions. In fact, I am paid quite well to

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Body Language

I was walking my dog in the park when I noticed a group of 5-6 year-old girls playing softball. Bases were loaded. A tiny little girl stepped into the batter’s box. She

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Elevator Pitch

I attend a lot of networking events. Most often they are luncheons where ten people are seated at a table. Each person is asked to succinctly deliver their elevator pitch. And no

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Question: True or False–You’ve either got charisma or you don’t. Answer: True. BUT there are some things you can do to up your charisma quotient. Explanation: Some people can learn to be

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Presentation Skills: Voice Tips

James Earl Jones and Morgan Freeman. What do they have in common besides being talented actors? They both have amazing, distinctive voices. People stop and listen when they speak. As actors, they

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Networking Success

“You always talk about being memorable. But how do I do that at a large networking event?” my client asked me. We were working on his elevator speech during one of our

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Every Pitch is Important

I’ve always remembered a particular shampoo commercial that we studied in one of my college classes. The screen keeps filling up with more and more people’s faces and the voiceover artist says,

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Controlling Media Interviews

“Will he never shut up!” I shouted at the screen. The host of the interview show was talking more than his guest; he told story after story. Truly, the host should know better.

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Business Meetings

The business meeting was scheduled to last two hours. A dozen very busy professionals were in attendance. There was a lot of ground to cover and many of us had to leave

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Take Your Time

Do you remember when you were learning to drive and your instructor showed you a video comparing the drive time of two different cars? One driver was doing the speed limit and

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Perfect Speeches

We’ve all sat through long and boring speeches or presentations. We go on a mental vacation and think about what we want to eat for lunch. Maybe we start writing a grocery

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Poker Face Crowd

I was speaking to a large group of people. About six rows back–dead center– were two of the most annoying types of people a speaker can face. The first was a man

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