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Ready for Prime Time?

My background is in TV news. I spent 12 years, both as a producer and a reporter, at the network and local news levels before I went into business for myself as an executive media training, executive presentation skills and executive on-camera coach.

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On-Camera Criteria

Before I went into business for myself, I was Director of Talent Development for an agency that represented TV news anchors and reporters. One of my responsibilities was weeding through DVDs of

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TV News Interviews

It was my third flight of the day. I was on my way to interview at a top 30 station, which was no small feat, given that I was currently a weekend

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Playing Nice

It only took me about two minutes to determine that the anchors in LA hated each other. My friend was amazed. “Really? How can you tell so quickly?” “He never looks at

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Learn From Your Mistakes

I had been on the air in Abilene, Texas for about three months when I went live from a Friday Night football rally. A band was playing and they marched right behind

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TV News Internships

When I am hired as a media coach/trainer, I am often scheduled to go to big events with clients. Typically multiple local news stations and networks are covering these events live. I

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Giving Thanks for Friends

Note: This is longer than my usual post. But with Thanksgiving fast approaching– I wanted to express my gratitude while teaching journalism students a lesson too. I hope that you’ll indulge me

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