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Ready for Prime Time?

My background is in TV news. I spent 12 years, both as a producer and a reporter, at the network and local news levels before I went into business for myself as an executive media training, executive presentation skills and executive on-camera coach.

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Should You Do That Interview?

“Should I do that interview with…” is a question that I get asked all of the time by clients. My response is: it depends. The first consideration: are you one of those

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On-Camera Makeup for Men

After yesterday’s blog on makeup for women, I received many emails from men wanting to know whether they should wear makeup on-camera. YES! Never fear– you don’t need to buy a liquid

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On-Camera Makeup

Update: October, 2013– Smashbox is discontinuing its High Definition Healthy FX Foundation. In its place, they are offering their Liquid Halo HD Foundation SPF 15. Koh Gen Do also offers a newer

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Taking a Great Headshot

If you check out my Eat The Lens logo, my website or my social media profiles, you will see my professional headshots. They were all taken by the wonderfully talented photographer, Paul

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Question: True or False–You’ve either got charisma or you don’t. Answer: True. BUT there are some things you can do to up your charisma quotient. Explanation: Some people can learn to be

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Ready for Your Closeup?

A photographer came around to take a group picture at an event I attended. And before he could get everyone arranged, a woman shouted out, “No, I need to go to the

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Taking Risks

The catcher threw the baseball low and out of frame to me. I caught it with one hand. (I was holding the microphone with the other.) And I quickly pulled the ball

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Memorable or Perfect?

My first TV news anchor reel wasn’t great, but at the time I thought it was perfect. Perfectly written, perfectly edited and perfectly memorized. Yes, that was the problem– perfectly memorized. We

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Media Training for Entrepreneurs

A couple of months ago I taped a segment with my friend, Carol Roth. She was promoting her new book, The Entrepreneur Equation, in which she offers advice to people thinking about starting their

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On-Camera Criteria

Before I went into business for myself, I was Director of Talent Development for an agency that represented TV news anchors and reporters. One of my responsibilities was weeding through DVDs of

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