Executive On-Camera Coaching

Our team at McGrath Comm has decades of experience in front of the camera.

We understand only too well the pressure you feel to perform your best while sitting under those hot lights.

To put our clients at ease, as well as to manage their expectations, we often share stories from our early on-camera experiences.

Noeleen’s On-Camera Experience

After three years of field producing for CNN’s Chicago bureau, Noeleen thought she was ready to go on-camera as a reporter. McGrath was told that she was too young and needed to go to a small tv news market to get her “on-camera mistakes out of her system.”

“What? Me? Make mistakes? Never! I was outraged!”

Said noeleen.

Not Ready for Primetime

“Guess what? Those executives were right. I did make on-camera mistakes. Nothing terrible, but there’s no room for mistakes at the network news level.”

Said McGrath.

Your On-Camera

Similarly, you can’t afford to make mistakes when you’re appearing on-camera to promote your brand, your services or your product, especially if you’re an executive.

Whether it’s an on-camera media interview, a virtual keynote presentation or a video for your company, you have one chance to make a favorable first impression.


As with any new skill, in the beginning, you’re going to make mistakes.

Our advice:
Receive some coaching first. It will make all of the difference. Not only will you learn new skills, but you will find that your confidence will grow much faster with coaching.

On-Camera Coaching

We pride ourselves on tailoring every program that we create to fit the individual needs and style of our clients.

Below is a sample of areas that we explore with on-camera coaching:




Virtual meeting 101


Facial expressions


On-camera makeup


Who is a Good Candidate for Coaching?

Anyone who appears on-camera, who would like to improve their skills and performance.

Whether you want to feel better prepared for:

McGrath Comm can help you become a more effective on- camera communicator/ performer.

Ask How We Can Help

Whatever your media training goals, we will create an executive media training program to help you become a more effective communicator across multiple platforms and channels. Please click the Learn More link to get started.

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