Executive Presence

Are you an executive

who is described as being an effective leader, but you’re found lacking when it comes to charisma or executive presence?

You’re not alone, especially now that so many business meetings and presentations are taking place virtually.

The ability to project and inspire confidence, while you’re on-camera, is a difficult skill to master.

The good news is it’s something that can be learned.

Executive Presence Online

“Why can’t I break through [on-camera]?”

one executive asked.

“I’m great in-person. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.”

the short answer is: Nothing

This executive was lacking in confidence because he didn’t fully understand the finer points of lighting and camera angles.

We explained that it’s natural to feel less certain when you’re communicating in a different way. The key is to educate yourself, so you can become more comfortable communicating on-camera.

Executive Presence Coaching

The fastest way to get better is through executive presence coaching. Those that have great charisma in-person will likely need less coaching than those who possess a quiet confidence.

Regardless of the type of charisma an executive has, it will take a great deal of practice and coaching to be able to turn your charisma on and off at-will. (This is an especially valuable skill to have when you’re spending much of your day on-camera going from one videoconference meeting to the next.)

Accessing Your Charisma

The key to being able to access your charisma is letting go of trying to be perfect. In time, you will find that being authentic and memorable will serve you much better.


People appreciate and value authenticity. They embrace those who can go with the flow and recover from a stumble or laugh at themselves. And more often than not people will like you all the more for these moments when you show your human side.

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