McGrath Comm are the go-to experts for executive media training, executive on-camera coaching, executive presence and executive presentation skills coaching, as well as crisis comms exercises and spokesperson training.

We work primarily with executives in Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies

McGrath Comm has also coached start-up founders, public information officers, sales teams, attorneys, professional athletes, physicians, venture capitalists, engineers, actors, authors, restauranteurs, research scientists, financial analysts, and politicians.

Noeleen McGrath founded McGrath Communications, later known as McGrath Comm, in 2005. Her mission: to help executives become more effective communicators.

Initially, McGrath Comm focused on executive media training services, which were in demand, because Noeleen and her team understand the media and how it works.

McGrath spent twelve years in television news. She started out as a producer for network news giant, CNN, when she was just a junior in college.

After three years at CNN, Noeleen moved in front of the camera as a local news anchor and reporter.

During her career, Noeleen received many awards for her reporting of breaking news, as well as one of journalism’s highest honorsa National Edward R. Murrow.

After spending years in TV news, interviewing spokespeople and executives, Noeleen was convinced that there was a great need for executive media training services.

McGrath was often stunned by the number of executives, who were unable to effectively communicate their messages. They had spent millions on product development, but seemingly nothing on media training. Why not spend a fraction of that money and invest in coaching?

Certain that Noeleen could help these executives, she created an executive media training program that quickly became popular with corporations.

Within a year, Noeleen established an executive presentation skills coaching program because more and more executives were looking to Noeleen for help with keynote speeches, especially ones that were being recorded or broadcast live on the internet.

Over the years, McGrath Comm’s services have evolved to include Executive On-Camera Skills, Executive Presence Coaching, Spokesperson Training, Crisis Comms Exercises and “Live” TV News Interview/ Social Media “Live” Coaching offerings.

In conjunction with our main coaching offerings, we also provide messaging, media strategy, video creation and podcast development services.


Our client base has also expanded since our founding. We’ve gone from working with clients from coast to coast in the United States to working with clients on five continents:

North America

SOUth America





Individual and Team Coaching

Most of our engagements have been conducted in-person over the years, but since the pandemic, our services have moved primarily online with virtual one-on-one coaching and virtual team seminars.

Whether our programs are delivered in-person or online, we pride ourselves on tailoring every executive coaching offering that we provide to fit the individual needs of our clients.



Whether you’re handling a crisis in the media… presenting virtually to your peers at an annual conference…. or need to get your message out across social media channels—you can feel confident placing your trust in McGrath Comm.

Coaching You To Be On Message…. On-Air, In-Person and Online.”