Executive Presentation Skills

The executive presentation skills that helped you achieve a certain level of success five years ago will not keep you at the top in an ever-evolving, competitive business environment.

It’s not enough to be an effective presenter; you need to command the room. AND you need to be able to play to the camera because chances are excellent that you’re being recorded.

Today’s world of video conferencing, virtual meetings, webcasts, webinars and on-demand video means that you’ve got to improve and refine your executive presentation skills.

The Bar Has Been Raised

Whether it’s a presentation to your board using video conferencing, a keynote address that is being broadcast live and archived online, or a virtual meeting with your team in different parts of the world, the bar for effectively communicating your message has been raised.

Doing an adequate job is no longer acceptable.

Executives not only must be on message, they must communicate and inspire confidence. And they must be able to do so across various mediums.

individualized Executive Presentation
Skills Coaching

Some executives are great at ad libbing and connecting with their audience when giving a presentation. Others have a gift for delivering speeches off of a teleprompter. Some executives have a commanding, quiet confidence. Still others have charisma to burn. No matter your strengths, we will help you make the most of them through our individualized executive presentation skills coaching programs.

Customized Programs

We create customized programs for our executive clients, based on their individual needs and goals.

A sampling of some of the in-person and virtual programs that we have created and executed for our clients include:

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Whatever your media training goals, we will create an executive media training program to help you become a more effective communicator across multiple platforms and channels. Please click the Learn More link to get started.

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