Virtual Coaching

You’re a successful executive, who excels at in-person presentations when you have a “confidence monitor” on the floor to guide you.

Now, you’re working from home, trying to navigate live virtual presentations on your company’s videoconferencing platform.

You have a deck of 50 PowerPoint slides with a script that you need to stick to.

As such …

You’re in Presentation View on one monitor to view your notes.

You’re looking at another monitor to view your deck and gauge people’s reactions.

All the while, you’re trying to remember to make eye contact with your camera to connect with your colleagues.

Sounds familiar?

It’s a scenario that many of our executive clients are facing on a weekly— and sometimes—daily basis.

The good news: through virtual coaching, McGrath Comm can help you elevate your online communication skills and become a more effective communicator.

Working from Home

The pandemic has forever changed the way we do business.

While virtual teams were certainly popular, they didn’t come close to matching the number of people working from home since the onset of the pandemic. As a result, we are finding ourselves on-camera more than we ever have been in our professional lives.

On-Camera…Online…Every Day

The Need for Virtual Coaching is Great

While we wholeheartedly endorse the need for connection, as well as the ability to reach audiences via video, the fact is that a large percentage of people simply aren’t comfortable being on-camera. And it shows.

Some executives, in particular, have found that their in-person skills aren’t translating well on-camera. These same executives, who used to walk into a room and own it, are finding that they aren’t having the same impact online.

That’s why we recommend virtual coaching to help you improve your on-camera communication skills.

McGrath Comm Can Help

McGrath Comm can help you navigate this challenging new terrain of high-level, high-stakes virtual events, including: presentations, keynote addresses, conference fireside chats, media interviews, conference panel discussions and board meetings.

Topics that we cover during our virtual coaching engagements include:

Additionally, all of our coaching programs are offered online as either virtual one-on-one coaching or team training offerings.

Media Training

Executive Presentation
Skills Coaching

Executive Presence


Crisis Comms


“Live” Coaching (Media Interview/Social Media)

Internal Comms

Video Content Creation/

Decades of
On-Camera Experience

At McGrath Comm, all of our staff come from an on-camera tv news or video production background. We not only individually excel at performing on-camera, but more importantly, we know how to coach and direct you to deliver your best on-camera performance.

In most cases, our clients only need a few hours of coaching to learn new skills and adjust their approaches to be successful on-camera communicators on virtual platforms.


Whether you need help with your on-camera performance skills… a road map for navigating challenging virtual presentations… or assistance preparing for a recorded keynote/live recorded panel discussion, McGrath Comm can help you raise your virtual communication game and reach your full potential.

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