No question, external comms, like communicating with the media, are the priority for most companies.

But several years ago, we noticed a trend about internal communication among Fortune 500 companies.

They started placing a greater emphasis on internal comms.

These multinational corporations wanted their employees around the world not only to feel more plugged in to what was going on in the company, but they wanted their employees to feel connected to one another.

Coaching CFOs, CTOs, CIOs

As a result, our work with C-suite executives expanded. We were no longer coaching only CEOs and COOs; we were working with CFOs, CTOs and CIOs, who were being asked to participate in internal comms programs on a quarterly or even monthly basis.

Internal Comms Coaching

Here’s a sample of the internal comms coaching topics that we’ve worked on with executives—both in-person and virtually:

As you can see, most of our internal comms programs center around on-camera skills and on-camera performance, as well as the creation, direction and production of internal videos.

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