“Live” Coaching

(News Media/ Social Media Lives)

No question— people are spending more time on social media.

They are seeking information and craving connection.That’s why “going live” on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram continues to gain traction.

BUT not everyone has the experience and/ or the right mindset to make a good first impression during a live performance.

Benefits of “Going live”

While both are great reasons to go live, if you aren’t good at it, you aren’t doing yourself or your brand any favors.


If you are a novice at “going live”, you might consider coaching since “going live” is the most challenging on-camera skill to master.

You need to be able to turn on a dime if something goes wrong. (And it will. Something always does.) It could be anything from a light going out… to a guest that doesn’t show up… to not being able to share your screen.

You need to be able to pre-produce compelling content and deliver it in an engaging way to hold your audience’s attention. This can be tough to do if it’s just you on-camera and you have 30 minutes to fill.

You need to know: when to listen, when to follow-up and when to interrupt. If you’re “going live” with someone else, you need to have top-notch interviewing skills to keep the conversation flowing.

Winning mindset

Lastly, you need to have a winning mindset. You have to embrace the pressure of “going live”, and you have to believe that you can handle anything that is thrown at you.

As with any skill, you will get better and grow more confident with some coaching and practice.

Customized Programs

Some of the topics that we have covered with our clients during our “live” coaching programs (conducted in-person and virtually) include:

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