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Asking for a Correction

My friend called me up and said, “Great quotes in that article, but where did the writer get the idea that you’ve only worked with “several” professional athletes. You’ve worked with dozens.

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Choosing a Media Spokesperson

Think it doesn’t matter who delivers your company’s message during a crisis? Think again. Do you recall BP’s spokesperson saying that he’d like his life back while the people of New Orleans

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Should You Do That Interview?

“Should I do that interview with…” is a question that I get asked all of the time by clients. My response is: it depends. The first consideration: are you one of those

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Body Language

I was walking my dog in the park when I noticed a group of 5-6 year-old girls playing softball. Bases were loaded. A tiny little girl stepped into the batter’s box. She

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On-Camera Makeup for Men

After yesterday’s blog on makeup for women, I received many emails from men wanting to know whether they should wear makeup on-camera. YES! Never fear– you don’t need to buy a liquid

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On-Camera Makeup

Update: October, 2013– Smashbox is discontinuing its High Definition Healthy FX Foundation. In its place, they are offering their Liquid Halo HD Foundation SPF 15. Koh Gen Do also offers a newer

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Taking Risks

The catcher threw the baseball low and out of frame to me. I caught it with one hand. (I was holding the microphone with the other.) And I quickly pulled the ball

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Fair Game

“Kill his audio NOW!” I told the satellite truck engineer. “But ESPN wants to test his audio,” he said. “They can do it later. Tell them you’re having some audio issues. And

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