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Media Training for Entrepreneurs

A couple of months ago I taped a segment with my friend, Carol Roth. She was promoting her new book, The Entrepreneur Equation, in which she offers advice to people thinking about starting their

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Controlling Media Interviews

“Will he never shut up!” I shouted at the screen. The host of the interview show was talking more than his guest; he told story after story. Truly, the host should know better.

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Interviewing Tips

My male friend recently recounted a terrible first date story. Within minutes of ordering drinks at dinner– the beautiful woman cut to the chase and said, ” Do you want kids? Because

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Pressure to Perform

“Feel the breeze!” the shortstop shouted at me. Much as I wanted to hit her at that moment–she wasn’t wrong. I didn’t even come close to connecting with the pitch. But if I

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Crisis Comms in Tucson

First, let me say that I feel great sorrow and sympathy for the families of everyone involved in the tragic events in Tucson, Arizona. But my personal feelings are separate from my

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Letting Go of Control

An executive media training client called me up a few weeks ago about an interview she was asked to do on the late evening news. We chatted about the topic for a

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Playing Nice

It only took me about two minutes to determine that the anchors in LA hated each other. My friend was amazed. “Really? How can you tell so quickly?” “He never looks at

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Soundbites vs. Conversations

“Did you think that panelist spent too much time promoting his book?” That was the question an organizer asked me after her group’s panel discussion was over. “No, that didn’t bother me,”

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On Trial in the Media

I work with a fair amount of attorneys involved in high profile cases. Sometimes I work with the attorneys one-on-one. I teach them how to try their cases in the media. I

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Learn From Your Mistakes

I had been on the air in Abilene, Texas for about three months when I went live from a Friday Night football rally. A band was playing and they marched right behind

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Media Training Tip: Bridging

What would you do if you were at an event and someone asked you to speak off-the-cuff about a somewhat controversial topic? Would you know what to do? What would you say?

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