Presentation Skills



Connecting With Your Audience

It was New Year’s Eve. The unknown band was opening for a well-known group at a great venue. Clearly, they were being given a chance to raise their profile and possibly sell

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Soundbites vs. Conversations

“Did you think that panelist spent too much time promoting his book?” That was the question an organizer asked me after her group’s panel discussion was over. “No, that didn’t bother me,”

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Media Training Tip: Bridging

What would you do if you were at an event and someone asked you to speak off-the-cuff about a somewhat controversial topic? Would you know what to do? What would you say?

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Presenting at the Golden Globes

Everyone who has trouble presenting in front of a large audience can take comfort from the presenters at the Golden Globes. These are ACTORS and ACTRESSES–who make their living from performing–and yet

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Presenting Under Pressure

It was St. Patrick’s Day. I had just finished watching my Irish dancers perform for their friends and family. I was still beaming with pride when one of my youngest dancers flung

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Playing to Win

Snowmen Peeps and candy canes. That’s what I ended up with after the first round of the white elephant grab bag. Of course that’s not what I wanted to take home. I

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