Presenting at the Golden Globes

Everyone who has trouble presenting in front of a large audience can take comfort from the presenters at the Golden Globes. These are ACTORS and ACTRESSES–who make their living from performing–and yet many of them don’t present well.

They have the same problems most people do.

1. They don’t read well off of a teleprompter; their eyes shift from side to side as they read.

2. They don’t practice their lines. As a result, they stumble through the copy and/or slaughter the pronunciation of people’s names.

3. Their body language is tense; they are nervous and stiff. Some even cling to their co-presenter for moral support.

The presenters and winners who were most memorable were the ones who ad libbed. My guess is that they had thought about what they wanted to say. And perhaps they even practiced their speech. Regardless- they delivered it in such a natural, spontaneous way (they are actors) that I believed them.

I cheered for Mo’nique. I laughed with Robert Downey Junior. And  I applauded Sandra Bullock’s class. Others looked good and delivered their lines well. But for me– those three stood out. They were memorable for all of the right reasons.

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