Ready for Your Closeup?

A photographer came around to take a group picture at an event I attended. And before he could get everyone arranged, a woman shouted out, “No, I need to go to the other side. My left side is my best!”

Three women replied, “How do you know that?” And she said, “I’ve had my picture taken enough over the years to know.”

She jokingly added, as she cheated the left side of her face to the camera, “I’m ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille!”

I chuckled because it is one of the questions that I get asked most often on twitter: How do I figure out which side is my best side?

Simple. Get out your phone or digital camera and ask someone to take pictures of you. First– straight on. Next– with your left side slanted towards the camera. Finally with your right side facing the camera. These are not profile shots. Rather you’re angling or “cheating” one side of your face towards the camera/ light.

Now look at all of the photos with a critical eye. Choose the one that looks best. For most people, it’s an obvious choice. If you’re not sure, take a survey among your trusted friends. Go with the one that most people like the best. Then you’ll be ready for your closeup.

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