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On-Camera Criteria

Before I went into business for myself, I was Director of Talent Development for an agency that represented TV news anchors and reporters. One of my responsibilities was weeding through DVDs of

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Controlling Media Interviews

“Will he never shut up!” I shouted at the screen. The host of the interview show was talking more than his guest; he told story after story. Truly, the host should know better.

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Business Meetings

The business meeting was scheduled to last two hours. A dozen very busy professionals were in attendance. There was a lot of ground to cover and many of us had to leave

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Interviewing Tips

My male friend recently recounted a terrible first date story. Within minutes of ordering drinks at dinner– the beautiful woman cut to the chase and said, ” Do you want kids? Because

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Pressure to Perform

“Feel the breeze!” the shortstop shouted at me. Much as I wanted to hit her at that moment–she wasn’t wrong. I didn’t even come close to connecting with the pitch. But if I

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TV News Interviews

It was my third flight of the day. I was on my way to interview at a top 30 station, which was no small feat, given that I was currently a weekend

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Take Your Time

Do you remember when you were learning to drive and your instructor showed you a video comparing the drive time of two different cars? One driver was doing the speed limit and

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Perfect Speeches

We’ve all sat through long and boring speeches or presentations. We go on a mental vacation and think about what we want to eat for lunch. Maybe we start writing a grocery

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Crisis Comms in Tucson

First, let me say that I feel great sorrow and sympathy for the families of everyone involved in the tragic events in Tucson, Arizona. But my personal feelings are separate from my

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Poker Face Crowd

I was speaking to a large group of people. About six rows back–dead center– were two of the most annoying types of people a speaker can face. The first was a man

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Letting Go of Control

An executive media training client called me up a few weeks ago about an interview she was asked to do on the late evening news. We chatted about the topic for a

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