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Our Philosophy

One-stop shopping at an agency is fine for many services. In our opinion, one-on-one coaching is not one of them. Whether it’s executive media training or executive presentation skills coaching, you need to find someone who is a specialist.

Our Approach

We treat every person that we coach as an individual. We have never believed in programs with catchy, patented phrases. Rather, we have chosen to expertly tailor every executive program that we offer to fit an individual’s needs and style. And when we work with larger groups in a seminar setting, we make sure to take the company’s culture and team dynamics into account.

In short: we do our homework, we discuss your goals and we execute a program that will help you achieve your objectives.

Our History

Noeleen McGrath founded McGrath Comm in 2005. Her mission: to teach people to become more effective communicators through executive media training and executive presentation skills coaching programs.

McGrath works primarily with executives in Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies. Noeleen has also coached politicians, professional athletes, authors, attorneys, physicians, research scientists and financial analysts.

Executive Media Training

Those years spent interviewing spokespeople and executives in television news convinced Noeleen that there was a great need for executive media training services. Certain that she could help these leaders, who had difficulty communicating their messages, Noeleen created an executive media training program that quickly grew in popularity.

Television News Experience

McGrath Comm’s services are in demand because Noeleen understands the media and how it works. McGrath spent twelve years in television news. She started out as a producer for network news giant, CNN, when she was just a junior in college. After three years at CNN, Noeleen moved in front of the camera as a local news anchor and reporter. During her career, Noeleen received many awards for her reporting of breaking news, as well as one of journalism’s highest honors, a National Edward R. Murrow.

Executive Presentation Skills

Within a year, McGrath also established an executive presentation skills coaching program. More and more, executives were looking to her for help with keynote speeches; especially ones that were being recorded or broadcast live on the internet.


Over the years, McGrath Comm’s services have evolved to include not only one-on-one coaching but large group seminars as well. We pride ourselves on tailoring every program that we provide to fit the individual needs of our clients.

Whether you’re handling a crisis in the media… presenting to your peers at an annual conference…. or need to get your message out across social media channels-- turn to McGrath Comm for executive media training and executive presentation skills coaching.

Coaching You To Be On Message….On-Air, In-Person and Online

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Noeleen on Presentations

Executive Presentation Skills

Increasingly, our professional landscape is changing. We work on virtual teams with colleagues in Beijing, London and New York. We are giving presentations in boardrooms using video conferencing. We are communicating quarterly performance via internal webcasts. Keynote addresses are being broadcast live—and archived in their entirety—on the internet.

The bar for effectively communicating your message has been raised. Doing an adequate job is no longer acceptable. Executives must not only be on message, they must communicate and inspire confidence. And they must be able to do so across various mediums.

Professional Development

The presentation skills that helped you achieve a certain level of success five years ago will not keep you at the top in an ever-evolving, competitive business environment.

It’s not enough to be an effective presenter; you need to own the room. AND you need to be able to play to the camera because chances are excellent that you’re being recorded. Today’s world of video conferencing, webcasts and on-demand video means that you’ve got to improve and refine your skills.

Individual Coaching

Some executives are great at ad libbing and connecting with their audience when giving a presentation. Others have a gift for delivering speeches off of a teleprompter. Some people have a quiet confidence. Others have charisma to burn. No matter your strengths, we will help you make the most of them through our individualized coaching.

Customized Programs

We offer a variety of options to our clients, based on their individual needs. For example, you might only need a half-day refresher course, practicing with a teleprompter. Or maybe you need ongoing coaching to help you polish your delivery.

Perhaps you need a full day of coaching to work on your messaging, live performance and on-camera skills (knowing your best angles and what to wear.) Whatever your objectives, we will tailor a program to help you achieve your goals.

Coaching You To Be On Message….On-Air, In-Person and Online

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Noeleen on Media Training

Executive Media Training

Changing Media

Traditional and social media are quickly expanding and evolving. Television broadcasts, online media outlets and bloggers are reporting stories around the clock. The media game has changed and so have the players.

Some understand and respect the rules of fairness, objectivity and off-the-record. Others believe those rules don’t apply. So you have to be prepared to react faster and more precisely—across multiple platforms—when communicating your message.

Executive Media Training

Executives often ask us, “Why do I need media training?”

  • With 24-hour news cycles, you don’t have time to debate the merits of various spokespeople and messages. Before a crisis hits, you need to identify and media train executives who can turn on a dime.
  • Because the pressure to break news is great, reporters and bloggers will jump on any mistakes you make, especially in the midst of a crisis. Precise communication has never been more critical.
  • Online platforms have changed media interviews forever. It’s not enough to deliver a couple of sound bites. Now interviews are being posted online in their entirety to drive traffic to websites. As a result, you no longer have the luxury of flubbing messages and asking for additional takes without everyone seeing your mistakes online.


We believe that confidence comes from preparation. Training is the key to successful interviews.

  • If you understand the media and its motivations, you will understand why you need to frame or deliver your message in a certain way.
  • If you learn how to speak conversationally, and in sound bites, you won’t worry about rambling during an interview.
  • If you learn to let tough questions roll off your back, you won’t get overly excited when an interviewer becomes combative.
  • If you learn what to wear on-camera and what your best camera angles are, you won’t worry about how you look.

Our clients

We work mostly with executives from Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies. McGrath Comm also works with tech start-ups, professional athletes and sales teams. Regardless of their industry, our clients share a few characteristics: They are bright, successful and highly motivated people. They know what they want and they know that we will help them fulfill their potential.

Customized Programs

Some of our offerings include; a half-day refresher course to practice specific messages for media interviews, a seminar for your team to identify potential spokespeople, or a full day of media training with intensive on-camera interviews. We also offer ongoing coaching for executives with busy schedules. Whatever your goals, we will customize a program to help you become a more effective communicator, across multiple platforms.

Coaching You To Be On Message….On-Air, In-Person and Online

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Noeleen on Clients


“Noeleen’s extensive knowledge, combined with friendly demeanor, kept each of our participants at ease while they expanded their [media training] skills. By quickly identifying the strengths of each of our trainees, Noeleen gave them a strong foundation on which to build their new communications abilities. While other media trainers I've worked with have left their students with a list of “do's and don'ts” to worry about, Noeleen left them with the two things they really need: new skills and the confidence to use them.”

“You only get one shot at a great first impression.  Why risk doing OK if you can get to "great"?  I highly recommend working with Noeleen McGrath to help bring out the best in you for important presentations and media opportunities.  It could make all the difference.”

“Noeleen works absolute magic! She’s a breeze to work with. Most importantly is her unparalleled skill at being able to teach a client how to deliver great sound bites!”

“Our experience with McGrath Comm was outstanding. As part of our annual sales meeting, Noeleen created a customized two-day [presentation skills] seminar. She worked with our North American sales team to develop the skills necessary to convey our message effectively and convincingly to our customers. Noeleen spent considerable time prior to the seminar to develop a plan that would deliver the greatest results for our organization and for the specific complexities of our selling model. This resulted in the delivery of a focused and immediately impactful program directed specifically at our sales model and our industry segment rather than a standard “one size fits all ” program.  Her execution and flexibility as well as the quality of the work were exceptional.  Additionally, Noeleen’s dynamic personality contributed to an engaged sales team and an enjoyable interaction throughout the entire process.”

“Noeleen helped us out at TechStars, and our companies learned a great deal about presenting in front of an audience from her. She gave them great confidence. Great stuff.”

“I hired Noeleen to help me prepare for media appearances related to my book, something that I utterly dreaded. I hate the camera and public speaking. But after a bootcamp with Noeleen, I felt prepared for anything. She helped me sharpen my message and consulted on everything from what to wear, how to sit, to how to handle the tough questions. It worked! I don't dread public appearances now. She was the best investment I've made in a long time.”

“I highly recommend Noeleen as a person of integrity and as a media and communications trainer. She thinks very far ahead of most people and she gives you more than you expected. Her insights have been invaluable. The next time one of my clients needs help refining the company's messaging, Noeleen is the person I'm calling.”

“Noeleen got me to believe I could actually be a really good public speaker. Focus on the things I was doing wrong, fix them, and bam! Now I feel like a professional who could go in front of any audience, at any stage of preparation, and knock it out of the park! ”

“I recently started doing national and local television interviews and quickly realized that I needed some media training. Noeleen's observations and analysis were so spot-on - it was as though she could read my thoughts. Her assessments of my performances and her suggestions for improvement proved invaluable. I am blown away with Noeleen's insight and professionalism. I can't imagine a better media coach.”

“Noeleen McGrath is a consummate professional who brings intelligence, depth, and wit to all of her client interactions. Noeleen’s understanding of how the media works is stunning and her ability to easily translate that understanding for her clients is an invaluable service. 
I highly recommend that anyone who wants to advance their exposure in the social arena or who seeks to refine their public image consult with Noeleen McGrath.”

“I called Noeleen to help me with my on-camera presence. I’d been making videos for my website, The Healthy Beauty Project, for several months and was beginning to get media coverage on small TV stations. I was also doing radio interviews. I really wanted to take it to the next level, but I knew what I was doing on my site wasn’t going to cut it in the big leagues. Noeleen jumped right in and told me in her professional, but no-nonsense way, exactly what I needed to work on. I did and my next several videos were much better. Now I’m more confident, as I approach the larger television stations, that I can really give a good interview! I've even been chosen to do beauty videos for Tyra Banks' new website, Type F! I can't thank Noeleen enough for all that she's taught me. 

“I can't begin to say enough good things about Noeleen. I have worked with her for the past 8 years and she's the BEST in the biz! Clients love her. If you're looking for someone who is 100% professional and gives 110%, Noeleen is the person for the job. I would refer her to anyone and everyone!!”

*We respect the privacy of our clients. We routinely sign non-disclosure agreements with our Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 clients to ensure complete confidentiality. Many thanks to those who offered to share their recommendations.

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Noeleen on Coaching

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Based in Chicago, Noeleen and her team often fly to both coasts to work with clients.

McGrath also provides her services to companies around the world; she has worked on five continents. (Australia and Antarctica are still on Noeleen’s wish list.)

Customized Quotes

Because each person is unique, with different goals and talents, every program that we offer is customized. That means that each quote that we provide is also customized. If you’d like more information about our executive media training and executive presentation skills coaching programs, please contact us.

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